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The following are a few sites that you may find interesting or useful:


  1. Faculty of Homeopathy - my homeopathic professional body - of more interest for doctors & health care professionals - training courses, research, latest news, NHS homeopathy.

  2. British Homeopathic Association - more for the general public - research, latest news, find a homeopathic doctor in your area.

  3. British Homeopathic Dental Association (BHDA)

  4. British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons (BAHVS)

  5. Homeopathic Pharmacies:    Helios    Ainsworths      Weleda     Nelsons

  6. Library Services: Complementary & Alternative Medicine Library & Information Service (CAMLIS)   National Library for Health - CAM

  7. Training Courses for doctors, vets, nurses, etc:    Faculty of Homeopathy

  8. Society for non-medical homeopathic practitioners:  Society of Homeopaths

  9. Jan Scholten     Rajan Sankaran     Massimo Mangialavori    George Vithoulkas

  10. MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks software:  Kent Homeopathic Associates


  1. British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM)

  2. Allergy Information: Action Against Allergy

  3. Magazines:  What Doctors Don’t Tell You

  4. Email Newsletters:  Dr Mercola   Townsend Letter   Dr Jonathan Wright

  5. Pesticide Information:  Pesticide Action Network

  6. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: MCS Aware

  7. Electrosensitivity / EMF: Electrosensitivity UK   Radiation Research Trust   Powerwatch   Saferwave

  8. Environmentally Friendly Products:  The Healthy House

  9. Excellent Water Filters:  Fresh Water Filter

  10. Blood Type Diets:  D’Adamo

  11. Healthy Food Information:  The World’s Healthiest Foods

  12. Vitamin D Information:  Vitamin D Council

  13. Pros & Cons of Immunisation:  The Informed Parent

  14. Eye Problems Self Help:  Eyesight Action

  15. Cancer Info: Bristol Cancer Help Centre   Self-Help Cancer

  16. Organic Foods:  Whole Foods Market   Artisan Bread    Infinity Foods    www.goodnessdirect.co.uk   Greener greens    Riverford    Planet Organic


  1. For investigations relating to nutritional status, environmental toxins, etc: Biolab Medical Unit   Genova Diagnostics     Doctor’s Data     Metametrix     Micro Trace Minerals    ELN

  2. For mainstream medical tests: The Doctors Laboratory


  1. International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) - excellent source of information, including lists of dentist experienced in safe amalgam removal.  Make sure you watch the movies ‘Smoking Teeth’ & ‘How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration’.

  2. The British dental society: Society for Mercury Free Dentistry (UK)

  3. One of the best known amalgam free dental protagonists: Hal Huggins

  4. Another good source of information: The Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome (DAMS)


  1. Autogenic Training:  British Autogenic Society

  2. Yoga:  British Wheel of Yoga

  3. Meditation:  Vipassana Meditation

  4. Pilates:  Pilates Foundation    Body Control Pilates

  5. Psychotherapy:  Centre for Councelling and Psychotherapy Education   British Association for Councelling and Psychotherapy   UK Council for Psychotherapy     Psychosynthesis    The Centre for Gender Psychology     Karuna Institute

  6. Provocative Therapy:  British Institute of Provocative Therapy

  7. The Journey (Brandon Bays)

  8. Byron Katie ‘The Work’


  1. Biocare

  2. Allergy Research Group

  3. Vitamin Research Products

  4. Lamberts

  5. Nutri-Link

  6. AOR

  7. Biotics

  8. Solgar

  9. Uni-Vite

  10. Nutri

  11. Higher Nature

  12. Savant

  13. Tigon

  14. The Nutri Centre


  1. The Independent Doctors Forum (IDF)

  2. First Aid Training: St John’s Ambulance

  3. For INSPIRATION in all areas of life: TED


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