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How Safe Are Homeopathic Medicines?

Homeopathic medicines are very safe.  There has been no evidence of any harmful effects - even to young babies, the unborn child or to the elderly.

Are Drug Interactions Possible?

Homeopathic medicines do not interact with any drugs.  If your health improves markedly, your requirements for other medications may well reduce.

What Is A Homeopathic Aggravation?

On some occasions your symptoms may get a bit worse within one or two days of taking a homeopathic medicine for the first time - this is called a homeopathic aggravation.  It is almost always of brief duration, lasting from a few hours to a few days and is then rapidly followed by a marked and progressive improvement in your symptoms and general health.  A homeopathic aggravation is therefore a good sign - it almost always heralds an improvement!  If it occurs you will not need to take any more of the medicine until the subsequent improvement stops - which could be many weeks.  If your symptoms are made temporarily worse without the subsequent overall improvement - this  indicates that the medicine is not quite the correct one for you - but the fact that it has affected you in this way is usually very helpful information in selecting the right medicine.   Be sure to note carefully the details of the changes. 

How Do I Take Homeopathic Medicines?

Try to avoid touching the medicines with your fingers.  If you have powders (single dose sachets), just empty the contents straight onto your tongue from the paper wrapper.  The medicine should be chewed up and dissolved in the mouth and then swallowed.  It does not need to be "washed down". Homeopathic medicines should be taken when your mouth is free from the odour of anything you may have been eating, drinking, sucking or smoking - take your medicine 15 minutes either side of these.  If this is not possible first rinse your mouth out well with plain water.

How Soon Will I See Improvements?

How soon a response to treatment is seen differs whether the condition is long term (chronic) or short term (acute).  In chronic conditions there may be changes within hours or days, or it may take two to four weeks before any change is noticed, but most commonly improvement starts within one to two weeks.  It is unusual for the first signs of improvement to be delayed for more than a month. In acute conditions improvement should be noticed within minutes or hours.

How Often Will I Need To Take Homeopathic Medicines?

What we want to see is progressive continuing improvement in your symptoms and well being until you are completely symptom free and in excellent health.  When improvement stops, after taking the remedy, and preferably before deterioration starts, you will usually need to take a further dose.  With each time you take the remedy you should notice further improvement - if you don’t you may need a higher potency or a change of remedy.

How Often Will I Need Follow Up Consultations?

I usually like to see my patients for a follow up visit between three and six weeks after starting a homeopathic medicine.

Should I Keep Notes Between Consultations?

Yes, it is extremely helpful if you can keep an accurate record of any marked changes in your symptoms, mood, behaviour, dreams, energy level, or anything at all unusual, and when they occurred in relation to treatment.  It may also be very helpful if you ask others who know you well, whether they have noticed any changes in you - sometimes we don’t notice the changes ourself, while others do.

Storage Of Medicines

Homeopathic medicines should be stored well away from anything strong smelling such as your medicine cabinet or perfumes (see above), away from direct sunlight and heat and also strong magnetic fields (such as airport gateway metal detectors, loudspeakers, VDU’s, chargers & transformers). For long term storage (3 months or more) homeopathic medicines should be kept in separate air tight containers, preferably made of glass, they will then retain their potency indefinitely.

Can You Antidote Homeopathic Medicines?

Homeopathic medicines and their actions might be antidoted by the following – it does not always occur but it is advisable to avoid them if possible.  Anything with a very strong odour, especially menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, oil of cloves and products containing them such as Vic, Olbas Oil, Carvol, strong peppermints, Tunes, Fisherman's Friends, lozenges, pastilles, mouthwashes, liniments, strong toothpastes.  Aromatherapy should be used with caution. 

Medical drugs may interfere with homeopathic treatment, including steroids, antibiotics, sleeping tablets, tranquillizers, antidepressants, the contraceptive pill, anaesthetic agents, chemotherapy.  This also applies to social drugs, such as cannabis, LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, speed, etc.  Patients must always consult a doctor before considering stopping any prescribed drugs. If you are on regular medication at the time of your first consultation, I will be taking this into account.  If you need to start drug treatment prior to seeing me next, please try to discuss it with me first. 

Coffee (caffeinated) may antidote the action of remedies, if you have a particular sensitivity to it or you take it to excess - I would suggest no more than two cups a day.  Tea and decaffinated coffee are usually fine.

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Occasionally man stumbles on the truth, then picks himself up and walks away

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Occasionally man stumbles on the truth, then picks himself up and walks away

Winston Churchill